Finding Stella

Because « Emo Programming: Beyond agile and pragmatic » becomes

really difficult to find nowdays ... :) :), I decided to release a short paper

inspired from it, using the music of the group Finding Stella

Please notice that as I am a french speak, my english will be a like truffed

of French « parlé » .

  1. What is « emo programming »

Using the power of music and sound to discover new way

to program is emo programming.

I decided to put this principle in action, with Finding Stella.

  1. Artwork control

The base of Finding_Stella is rythmics that display graphically over


You will see during time squares appearing and then disappearing (gradually

or suddenly); then others squares appearing in other place.

That is the choice of Finding_Stella controls.

  1. F_S and other ways

Finding Stella is a neighbour of node programming, with difference

that make Finding Stella specific. Usual node programming (and similar

to the best known PureData) generally shows all the nodes in the same time.

Musically speakink this is not really effective. It is like hearing all the sounds

at the same time, which can be quiet disturbing an ubuesque charivari :)

Timing and pausing is the essential part of Finding_Stella.

To be more precise, running programs in a Finding_Stella manner

is nearer to play a video clip as squares come and goes, and speech (or lyrics)

in-between them display then disappear.

  1. Time in-between

As Kathy quote Claude Debussy [ « Music is the space between the notes. »],

between is what make stuff.

In F_S we use between time action pattern.

And that is because:


What you program is what you see ... as the program play, squares come on the

screen then change colours, or exchange look-a-like dots (for params), or begin to fade.

As so you know 'in time' what is going on...

Writing script with words doesn't really suits that quit of programming.

This is way F_S is using drawing.

Probably inspire by braille writing, we use squares to use fonctionnalities.

What is important is the presence of the square and its colour.

Its place in space is more a question of easying the program's reading.

... Next Chapter ....